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If you want to leave behind the chaotic mess of cities, the oppressive mid-summer heat, or the dreary monotony of winter; if you love nature, forests, mountains and lakes; if you are captivated by the old and the new; if you are looking to have unique urban, culinary and cultural experiences, then you definitely need to visit Korça! Here the intertwining of east and west has created a region rich with ancient history, renowned for its wonderful climate, amazing scenery and highly educated, smart and hard-working people. Unique in the region and in the world, Korça is without a doubt one of the best destinations in Albania. The city is located in the southeast of the country, at the foot of Mount Morava on a rich, fertile plain at an elevation of 825 meters above sea level. Located at the intersection of the Mediterranean and Continental zones, Korça is blessed with a rich and varied topograhy— mountains, hills, and the plain they encircle. Here the morning sun rises over the mountain range of Morava, behind which you can find Devoll. The south is defined by Gramoz and Kolonja and on the west we have Vithkuq, Voskopoja, Opar and Gora. The north is characterized by the refreshing airs off of Lake Ohrid and Lake Prespa. All of the above and more are what make this region one of the most attractive destinations in Albania, offering rich cultural and urban life coupled with active recreation in rugged and unspoiled nature. Riding a bike is one of the best ways to see Korça. Now is the time to discover Korça’s magic with 19 suggested itineraries covering 864 kilometers of biking through the city, cultivated plains, amazing lake sides, breathtaking mountain peaks and eye-catching scenery that you will never forget. You can pass through mountain peaks, valleys, forests, rivers and hidden streams that are waiting for you to be discovered. You can stop by quaint villages where you may give in to the temptation of trying some local specialties of wine or mulberry raki while you satisfy your hunger with the best local cuisine that the region is famous for. Needless to say, you might want to keep this discovery to yourself, but please tell your friends and colleagues—they also deserve to know about Korça, the gem of Albania! In this booklet you will find an overview map of all the itineraries as well as individual maps for each route. Also included are descriptions and information about points of interest in the regions along the chosen itineraries, as well as vertical and longitudinal profiles of each itinerary. Scanning the QR code at the bottom of each page will open that map right on your smartphone, so that you can navigate along the route effortlessly using GPS.
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