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Dardha is a beautiful mountain village located 20 km to the southeast of Korça, tucked between the hills of St. Peter, Autumn Rock, and other hills.This tourist village offers an ideal climate, with rich mountain air providing a refreshing retreat during the whole year.The large snowfall in the winter and ski piste (including one with a lift) are perfect for winter sports, especially skiing.Another attraction is the natural sulfur springs, known for its power to cure stomach and kidney ailments.

Dardha (meaning Pear in Albanian) takes its name from the Albanian language expression “The pear fruit falls under the pear tree” , and was founded around 1600.In the year 1768, the first school was open, and the city reached its peak in 1913-1936, with around 500 houses.From the year 1800, Dardha has been known in the region for its woordwork, beautiful traditional clothing, and felt crafts. The village is also known for a special style of axe constructed there, known as the “Dardha Axe”.At one point, Dardha had three churches, of St. Thanas, St. George, and St. Peter. Today, the economy of Dardha relies heavily on tourism.

Dardha is known in particular for its traditional folk clothing and wood work.

Dardha is known for its pickling and conserves of local fruits, vegetables, and meats. It is also known for its lakror (savory pie) baked in a specially designed woodfire oven, as well as its uniquely flavored twice-distilled wild plum raki.In Dardha, almost all food is fresh, organic, and produced locally by the residents of the city.

Dardha was built with traditional houses of stone walls packed with earth.In the outskirts of the village are newer buildings and a contemporary luxury hotel. Another characteristic of the city are its rustic cobblestone roads.A small museum shows the history and heritage of the village.Another great attraction for tourists are the opportunities for outdoor and nature activities.Ski slopes (including one piste with a lift) present opportunities for winter sports, especially skiing. The natural spring waters of Dardha are known throughout the region for the curative properties, especially the sulfur spring.The Sulfur Spring and other natural spring waters are used by locals to treat anemia, stomach problems, kidney problems, and other illnesses.

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