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Trail Length
Paved Road
Maximum Elevation

This is a high difficulty trail because of the mountainous relief that characterizes it and the maximum elevation is 1801 m above sea level. Unless you are seeking extreme adventure, we recommend you don’t undertake this trail at other times other than May-September, although to tell you the truth the numb and overcast peaks and plateaus in fall or early spring are nothing short of magical. The length of this trail is 31 km long. If you are looking for a challenge, you can start this itinerary from Korça but for those looking to conserve their energy for the off road cycling, instead of the paved road, you should start from Biglla. The itinerary follows the old military path of the border detachment of the Red Mount where you can still see the ruins. To the right your constant companion is the southwestern part of the Korça Valley and the surrounding villages but to the left you see Mount Gramoz and your view extends all the way beyond the Greek border. The path follows the side of the mountain and continues up to Kozel just where you start a pleasant descent towards the alpine pastures that lead to Qafë e Kazanit and Çezmë me Gozhdë. You have finally made it to Gramoz. The ones that have tried this, say you have to stop here for a while before you start heading towards Nikolica through trails that demand ability and experience. We recommend you train for this itinerary and organize in groups since this path is extremely difficult and mountainous. We also advise you use a mountain bike. An alternative to this trail branches through the village of Pepellash and goes a distance of 13.8 km with an elevation that varies from 1162.9 m to 1836.1 m above sea level. This alternative constitutes one of the most difficult itineraries given the mountainous relief and unpaved road. The difficulty pales in comparison to the scenery. From Qafa e Qarrit you can behold the amazing views of the Kolonja plateau, the majestic Mount Gramoz on one side and the leadened landscape of the peaks of Mount Zi on the other side.

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