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Trail Length
Paved Road
Maximum Elevation

The cycling of the Fall is a trail that starts and finishes in Korça and goes through the valley that carries the same name. Throughout this trail you will see fertile lands with a large variety of agricultural products and fruit trees. The trail snakes through the plantations that freshen up by the waters of River Devoll and receive shade by the poplar trees that accompany you most of the trail. This trail is 34 km long and goes through the Korça Valley with elevation that varies from 810.9 m to 872.1 m above sea level. The segment Korçë-Plasë is 8 km long and since it is part of the national axis Korçë-Bilisht, it is a very high traffic stretch. The following segment goes through a valley characterized by agriculture and livestock. Cycling through this itinerary leaves you feeling relaxed because of the tranquil surroundings and the ease of the trail on this paved road. Along the way you will see the Fazan Forest that is close to the Village of Drithas. This forest stands as the only living witness to what once was the Lake of Maliq. There is a variety of trees in this forest among which the poplar, the willow, the linden, the pine and fir trees. All the different elements of the forest fuse to create a curious environment from a naturally scientific perspective. Since this itinerary is characterized by a low level of difficulty, you can use any kind of bicycle.

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