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Korça, founded in the 15th century, is the largest administrative center of southeaster Albania, and the largest city in the region. While the city itself was created in the late middle ages, the surrounded region has hosted residents for many centuries before.This long history helps make the region of Korça one of the most important cultural and economic centers in Albania: birthplace of music and the first Albanian language school, home to natural beauty and lakes, and mountain region with national parks. Studies have shown that the zone where the current exists has been home to residents since ancient times. During the epochs of antiquity, life flourished her, concentrated in the hills surrounding the present day city. After the coming of Iliaz Bej Panaritit in the village of Peshkepi located near the city, Korça underwent great changes.He built great mosque in the city in 1496 as well as the famous Bazaar of Korça (both which stand to this day).In the 17th to 19th century, the city expanded, particularly following the destruction and burning of neighboring Voskopoja.By the second half of the 19th century, Korça had become one of the most important economic, market and cultural centuries in the country, with a large busy market that earns itself a place among other monuments of Albania. During the National Renaissance many local heroes contributed to the creation of the Albanian identity and state, including by founding the first Albanian language school.On December 10, 1916, the short-lived Autonomous Republic of Korça was founded by the patriotic acts of Korça resident Themistokli Germenji. In the early years of the formation of the Albanian state, Korça distinguished itself among other Albanian cities for being a leading example of economic, cultural and urban development.By the first decade of the 20th century, Korça , Korça had become one of the most flourishing cities for culture and education, including by the establishment of a French Lyceum in October, 1917, which prepared a generation of intellectuals to leave their marks on national culture and history.During the period of communism that followed (as was the case everywhere in Albania) the cultural richness of Korça was negatively impacted, with the regime fighting fiercely against intellectual and economic forces in the city.
Today Korça continues its old tradition of culture and education, and is regarded by many to be the finest city in Albania.

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